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1.What is bottled water? 

2.What are the different types of bottled water? 

3.How is bottled water different from tap water? 

4.Where does bottled water come from? Are some bottled waters simply tap water in a bottle? 

5.How does bottled water get from the spring to my home or business? 

6.How long can I store bottled water? 

7.What is the proper way to store bottled water? 

8.Does bottled water contain chlorine? read about Cryptosporidium in tap water. What is it? 

10.How do I know that Cryptosporidium is not in my bottled water? 

11.How much water coming into the average home is actually used for drinking or cooking? 

12.Why should people pay to drink bottled water when they can drink tap water for free? 

13.How is bottled water regulated? 

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