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The Shawangunk Mountains

The best water on earth is derived from the purest, most pristine sources, among them the Shawangunk Mountains. Geologists have unearthed evidence that this glorious mountain range is the third oldest in the world, evolving from an under-sea aggregate of rocks and minerals to its current vast peaks, precipices, lakes, forests, and rocky crests. Over 12,000 fossils of primarily extinct species attest to the mountain ranges pre-glacial existence. The gradual, leisurely unfolding of this range stowed unimaginable wilds and resources within its enclaves.

Although the beauty of Shawangunk begins inwardly with massive bedrock preserving its inner riches, its magnificence is better appreciated atop its slopes. Beyond its summit, one can view the unsurpassed panoramic vicissitudes of the great mountain ranges and valleys of the northeast, from the Berkshires to the Housatonic, Helderbergh, Neversink, and Shandaken Mountains. Crevices and depressions are interspersed with a proliferation of azalea, laurel, arbutus, and the famed Shawangunk huckleberries.

Recognizing the splendor and ecological significance of this superlative mountain region, New York State has preserved 14,000 acres of the Shawangunk range, adding yet another layer of protection to the pristine natural spring water within its depths.

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